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Gioielleria Merzaghi Milano


Since 1870 our daily approach to work with our client has been structured in the following way: starting with a design – based upon client’s requests – we shape precious metals, to create tailored jewels. Your jewels doesn’t exist until we custom design a unique piece to your needs.
Gioielleria Merzaghi Milano

Handmade Process

All stages of the construction process are carried out in our laboratory, located a few steps from the Milan Cathedral.
Gioielleria Merzaghi Milano

Restyling Design

Now the real experience begins as you move through the world wearing a one-of-a-kind jewel made just for you.
Gioielleria Merzaghi Milano

Familiarized with our world

Get close to the World of Luxury Craftsmanship, our place since the 1800s.
Gioielleria Merzaghi
Address: Via dei Piatti, 11,
20123 Milano MI
Tel: 02 875455